[JAVHD]Japanese AV actress uncensored video distribution porn,Thorough explanation

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Author: GORO

If you are looking for a paid adult website for Japanese AV actresses, most people would like Caribbeancom, One Road, Heyzo, etc. to be the option .. But many such Japanese adult users tend to miss This is “JAVHD”. This site has been around for a long time since its establishment, but it seems that adult users in Japan are gradually getting known little by little now. However, even if I say so, I also feel that there are many people who do not know much yet.

If you are studying admission to Caribbeancom, Single Road, Heyzo, etc. now, these Japanese adult users can explore not only the sites that everyone knows but also deeply You may find a fee-based adult site that is perfect for you.

Of course, it is not a bad thing to join these because the Caribbean and Honboko are also sites that deliver excellent content.
However, considering the quality of the act AV actress / movie, content volume, etc., it is “JAVHD” that has the ability to beat it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Story till the birth of JAVHD, its way.

Probably from the birth of JAVHD, the long way to history and history. I am the only one who knows it.This site “JAVHD” opened a few years ago (2012) already. Of course the author knows JAVHD right after it was launched. And this JAVHD is operated by the same company that operates “AllJapanesePass All Japan Pass”, “Gravure.com” and “ABC JAV”. AllJapanesePass and AllGravure are “GREENDELL VISIONS LIMITED” JAVHD and ABC JAV are “OVERUS SERVICES LIMITED”,

The two companies are different companies, but they are related companies
And the home of these two companies are all in the UK. Although all AV videos in Japan are delivered, all staff members are foreigners.

The first thing they had trouble was language problems.
Unlike AllJapanesePass, this JAVHD was composed at the beginning of the opening or in the language “English and Japanese” (now it is updated and it supports multiple languages) No, Japanese in the original JAVHD was scattered around everywhere in funny Japanese. After all, there are a lot of coined words and slangs unique to Japan even if it is a word related to Japanese and erotic which is considered to be the most difficult in the world, so JAVHD at that time seemed to have been struggling to Japanese in the site at the time think.
I wrote that it is the same line as AllJapanesePass, but this JAVHD was opened as much as written in other articles much later than AllJapanesePass. In other words, this JAVHD can be said to be the youngest brother of AllJapanesePass.
But the only thing I can say is that it is a little more meaningful than the AllJapanesePass in content quality, although it is a younger brother. Certainly, AllJapanesePass, which is relatively maniac and full of variety of videos, and this JAVHD, which delivers pure AV actress movies mainly, will differ according to the comparison criteria. Therefore, although it can not be said unconditionally, this JAVHD is much higher than AllJapanesePass in terms of the image quality (quality) of the movie.

JAVHD has about 2,500 deliveries and it is a far away figure for AllJapanesePass about 700 or so even in the number of cast models, but this is also affected by the length of the history of both sites It can be said.


Companies that operate JAVHD, “nuclear” of pornographic content they are sending, Japanese porn and Japanese gravure.

After All-Japan Pass Success, the business expansion that they tried · · It is a movie of gravure instead of AV movie.

I wrote that JAVHD was born after all Japanese, but to be exact, the next all-Japanese pass is “all gravure”. After that is JAVHD. As you can see, the basis of the content they are adhering to is the adult videos and gravure videos in which Japanese women are appearing.
Before this “all gravure” was born, I have been asked to do some work from a man named A of this company.

It is “I want to make a Japanese site so that Japanese people can understand this time next time so can you translate Japanese into by all means?”
That was such a request.

I have confidence to translate as much as a sentence on the adult site, but of course I am not a professional translator anything. Moreover, I did not undertake it after all because of my own work.
Even so, they seemed to have been desperately trying to deal with Japanese even if they were “all gravure” like JAVHD after that. However, after that, “all gravure” was born safely and it became conspicuous in overseas Asian gravure industry in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. They searched for horizontal deployment of business from video content distribution of Japanese AV actress. The conclusion they gave was that they thought that the next thing you should do is “Gravure rather than AV”.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

And JAVHD was born.

I think it turned out that he got a success with Japanese AV porn delivery business as “All Japan Pass”. However, there was a major weak point in this “All Japan Pass”. That means that many of the videos being delivered are mosaicked. Although the quality of moving picture quality is improved now, JAVHD still does not go. However, as described above, unlike JAVHD, “All Japan Pass” differs from JAVHD in that there are movies with strong mania color such as “project AV” unique to AV in Japan, “outdoor exposure and SM”, and appeared Such as uncensored actresses that are currently being released at the time, “the AV actress video just recently debuted” and so on are the biggest weapons.

It is understood from the fact that there are many works such as “prestige and soft on demand” in the movie title. There is no first thing such as uncensored such as uncensored actresses that appeared on these labels until about 2 years ago.

The uncensored movie of an AV actress is going to be banned a long time late. Even JAVHD, it is because there are reasons why there is no movie of an actress who debuts even if it is a Caribbean or a single road.

Weapons of All Japan Pass is “Japan’s unique project AV and strong mania colorful video”
JAVHD’s weapons are “100% completely uncensored AV actress video”

Although the video is mosaiced, it is not all the videos, and it is the strength of All Japan Pass as mentioned above, “a new actress who has not debuted yet” and “a wide variety of videos Considering that “content”, the view will also be different. If you want to see purely normal AV, you will be restricted to the word “unfixed”, but if it comes to planning objects or maniac AV, it is not necessarily correct unnecessary parts.

Both of these things are well balanced according to the tastes of users.
I do not know if they targeted this or naturally like this, but I guessed that there was definitely a desire to create a completely unmodified site rather than AV distribution that is being mosaiced is.
And they launched a site called “JAVHD” and realized 100% perfect uncensored.
Until then, as far as the Asian-style AV actress video including the Japanese was concerned, “All Japan Pass” was completely in the market market, but since this JAVHD has appeared, this “JAVHD “Has joined, and most Japanese are AV movies of these two sites which are actively being circulated in the Internet search in overseas English-speaking countries. Certainly, there are also some sites dealing with Japanese AV actresses other than them as contents, but it does not have the content volume as high as these two sites. As of now, it is no mistake that the site which boasts the highest grade among the paid adult site distributing Japanese AV actress video overseas is this “JAVHD” and it is no mistake.

In any case, it can be said that the site you choose depends on each preference of the user. I do not know which content you like, but you like to carefully examine the site and choose which one you am looking for.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”purple” style=”dotted” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

About the content quality of JAVHD and the mechanism of the network site.

The feature of JAVHD is that the quality of moving image is beautiful and qualities are quite high. This is a high-definition high-definition footage that can not be defeated even with “Caribbeancom and One Road”. The video size is already satisfactory. Since there is no big difference in the content itself being delivered, it may not be so long beyond day if the birthmark rises beyond the caribbeancom of the paid adult site.

JAVHD can enjoy uncensored videos with clear videos that can clearly see the large screen, full HD image quality, texture of the skin.

Its resolution is “Powerful” Full HD of 1920 x 1080 “” If you are using a relatively large monitor, you can enjoy adult movies with powerful and beautiful images.The movies delivered with JAVHD are , An optional function that allows you to select “movie image quality and file size” called all download options. For this download option, you can select four video download options “HD image quality, normal image quality, low image quality, i Phone version”, you can select your preferred option from this.
If you download with “HD image quality” of the maximum file size, you may worry about the download time, but please do not worry about that area. JAVHD’s server uses a powerful server. Even with large-capacity movies of 1.2 to 1.3 Gb, downloading will be completed in as little as 7 to 8 minutes.

Moreover, the high quality of JAVHD is not just movies. JAVHD About 50 to 60 “high quality images” are prepared for all video distribution titles, and downloading is possible as well as movies.
These images are 2000 x 1333 pixels (pixels) in size or 1920 x 1080 pixels (pixels) in size.
These are all captured images in the movie, and there is no image that the actress is bosing apart from the movie, but all is uncorrected. Please save dynamic dynamic and powerful erotic image data on your hard disk and enjoy.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

About the premium network on the site of JAVHD.

First of all, you may already be perplexed, but the character of “JAVHD premium network” written on this JAVHD top page or “entry guide” page
(16 genre sites) “is written as full access. This is explained on the explanation page of All Japan Pass, but the fact that 16 sites and adult sites can enjoy the content at the same time is reasonably fitting itself, but early story is distributed on each of these sites Most of the videos that have been delivered in “JAVHD”, that is, they are suffering. So you do not have to think that “Which site do you want to join?”

You might think a bit suspicious here, but it is one of the marketing (sales) methods of these companies, a technique for raising sales. In terms of attracting customers, they are not thinking of attracting customers at one site called JAVHD, but by using multiple sites with different genres, they are trying to expand that attraction path. This is just a way of business and part of the technique, so you do not have to think anything suspicious.

In other words, JAVHD is “All”, so it’s ok to ask JAVHD that you can enjoy all the content completely by joining. Alternatively, you can join from one or more other sites that exist in the same way. (In the JAVHD system, whichever site you join, it will all be the same membership condition)[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”purple” style=”dotted” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

I wrote that I have never lost this JAVHD, Caribbeancom and even one way. There are various reasons for that.

In this JAVHD, the quality of both movies and images is satisfactory, and there is no problem at all in resolution. Even with the number of delivery videos, currently it is over 2,700 and there are no problems with the number. Moreover, “Download unlimited” furthermore the update density is two each day. JAVHD has almost no negative factor found.
Dare to say, it is about a site operated by an overseas company, so it is not always “popular in the season” is constantly being up like other Caribbeancom and one road.

On the current online, the classic “popular paid AV site” stands out, and JAVHD may still be a person who knows it, but if you enjoy uncensored movies of beautiful AV actresses, only this JAVHD site It should be satisfactory enough. This is no mistake.

Personally, I think that JAVHD will definitely fall into the top three among all “AV actress uncorrected sites” that are currently on-line.

【Terminal knowledge of paid adult site】
These paid adult video sites, which are headquartered abroad and are overseas corporations, obtain and deliver video content to be distributed on their site from their own routes. Of course, the movie file which becomes the source of the movie is the one photographed / produced in Japan (in most cases, there are exceptions in some cases) And because “each video content acquisition route” is different by each company, The difference comes out automatically depending on the site.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”purple” style=”dotted” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

More than 700 AV actresses appearing in JAVHD’s videos.

Look for your favorite woman from among this enormous AV actress who is full of JAVHD, a beautiful AV actress with over 700 people, this huge AV actress.

More than 800 AV actress groups. Is this number of people large or small? I think whether it is different for individuals to accept it. However, if we compare only by the number of people of 800 people, in the very famous Caribbeancom, about 1600 AV actress videos are distributed, and in the same famous one road this is about 1300 videos of AV actress It is delivered.
Judging by only the number (number) like this, the number of AV actresses with 800 of this JAVHD may feel less. However, please do not misunderstand this area.

Even though it is a famous adult movie site with outstanding awareness in Japan, it does not necessarily mean that the videos of “popular AV actress” are full of abundant videos. There are also a lot of actresses who are nearly unnamed who have little name recognition among AV actresses. Also, since I think that there is personal favorite, I do not necessarily think that your favorite of your actress “does not necessarily match” popular actress “on the market”.

What kind of AV actress do you like? Also, who is your “AV actress”?

If you are considering admission on a paid adult video site, if you are concerned about the “actress actress” being delivered, you should think about selecting a site from this perspective. When thinking like this, I think whether the selection method will be different.
If you do not have insistence on “cast actress”, the story is different, but if there is adherence to these, we will definitely compare thoroughly including 3 sites to be mentioned in the future as well as other sites I think that you should choose a site to join.

I will give you an example here. (The example given here is the case of comparing the AV actress system site: Caribbeancom / one road / JAVHD to the last)

· As of January 2017, Japan is proud of the popularity of “Uehara Ai”
Her “uncensored video” is distributed in Caribbeancom and one road. But JAVHD does not.
· “Bud” that keeps overwhelming popularity for several years ago
Her “uncensored video” is often delivered in “Comprehensive AV video site” including other maniac systems, but it is not delivered on any sites such as Caribbeancom · Single Road · JAVHD.
– Popular with gorgeous IKEIKE’s looks “Kirara Tomorrow”
Prior to that, her “uncensored video” is not limited to 3 sites listed in the example, but “uncensored video” is not distributed. Naturally, it is not delivered even in Caribbeancom · Single Road · JAVHD.
· Popular with Lolita AV actress “Ao shinano”
Caribbeancom · One Road · JAVHD It is distributed on all sites.

The early story is to not judge only by the number of actresses.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”purple” style=”dotted” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

The biggest attraction of JAVHD is “unlimited download”
Click here to access JAVHD now.